Güéjar Sierra declares its’s support for ALS patients

Tha Great Caring Sardine collects more than 1.000 euros to study the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)


About  four hundred people has enjoyed  the Great Caring  Sardine celebrated in Güéjar Sierra  on the occasion of the Popular Festivity . For the first time, this event has been  charitable in favor of  the Proyect MINE, one of the more serious and  committed existing related to the ALS investigation.  About 3.000 people  suffer the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis in Spain.

Jorge Abarca,  sick of ALS and ambassador of this project in Granada, has  gone to this event  where he has  expressed his gratitud to the  village “for helping him in this  fight against this desease”. Abarca has insisted on the  necessity to “keep on  supporting  the investigation abour ALS since  nowadays  there are  few studies  on this disease, they are  expensive and the achievements are too  slow”.

The local governmente has  got  more than 1.000 euros  with which it will contribute to the studies.  City councilwoman, Sonia Fernández, has remembered that “Güéjar has  always been  a very supportive people  helping when the reason is real, like this”. Fernández has said that  “it is a very important part of our social politics and we will continue doing that”.


Solidaridad ELA

Solidaridad ELA

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