Carnival 2018: Registration is now open

The parade and the  costume competition will take part next  February 28  in a great party and the “Entierro de la Zorra”


The local council has already commenced the registration period  for the  Carnival Competition  with the publication of the  contest  terms and conditions in the  municipal website.

Anyone who want to  participate in the contest   can  submit the appliction. in  either of the two modalities , individual or grupal, and categories,  children and adults.

People interested should  enrol in the Local Office  until 14:00 PM  on 9 January 2018.

Organisation will  award several prizes  valued in 1.300 euros:



Child Rank (until  14  years old)

1º Prize: 70 euros

2º Prize: 50 euros

3º Prize: 30 euros

4º Prize: 30 euros

5º Prize: 30 euros


Adult Rank

1º Prize: 90 euros

2º Prize: 70 euros

3º Prize: 50 euros



Child Rank (until  14  years old)


1º Prize: 150 euros

2º Prize: 120 euros

3º Prize: 90 euros

4º Prize: 70 euros


Adult rank

1º Prize: 180 euros

2º Prize: 150 euros

3º Prize: 130 euros


The jury shall  consider originality and creativity of costume as well as   the applicant’s ease on the  stage.

To download the terms and conditions file please    CLICK HERE.

Carnaval 2018 CARTEL

Carnaval 2018 CARTEL

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