Guided tour to the local church

These tour will allow people, for  the first time, to   know one of the most local historical  monument.


 The local council of Güéjar  Sierra will  implement   a new cultural  initiative to  broad  its touristic  offer. Togheter  with  Association of Entrepeneurs, it  has started a specific route to the church Ntra. Sra. Virgen del Rosario,  the most historical, cutural and  religious monument  monument.

Cultural womancouncil, Sonia Fernández, has emphasized the historical value of this  buildind that is “a reflection of the development of the  Kingdom of Granade after   Catholic King’s  Reconquest”.

Built above two  Christian Churches and an anciente muslim  mosque, it gets its name from the Virgen del Rosario’s protection during  Ottoman’s Empire War at 1571.

Guide tours will be  direct by  both the cultural and tourism womencouncils themself, Sonia Fernández and  Elisabeth García,  as well as members of the Association of Entrepeneurs, properly trained for this event.

“We want visitors to get involve in our urban life and know, not only our natural resources, but  the history of our village through so important and architectural value monuments   as our Church”, Elisabeth García has said.

Visits will take place twice in a week:   on  Saturdays from 11:00   to 13:00  and Wenesdays from 17:00 to 19:00 (from 19:00 to 21:00 in summer). To  make the route you won’t need to  be registered. just enough to be in the meeting point (churh) a few minutes before   the beginning. “Through this initiative we add new touristic resources to people who want to know our village while we   support local economy too”, García has added.

For  his part, Miguel  Quirós, president of entrepeneurs, has  highlighted the collaborative work  between  the association and the local council, “fruis of which  initiatives such interesting as this  has started”.

The Church  has  a great historical, cultural and monumental wealth.

The Church  of Ntra. Sra. Virgen del Rosario was founded in 1639 and it had several   alterations  in the 18th century, which still exist.

The route starts at the  church square,  ancient   parish cementary built at the same time at the  main Churh,  from which    the bell tower  can be saw.

For the last few years and, after several transformations, the square could be used as   an important place  in the life of the citizens.   Many of them celebrate here familiar events and this is the meeting point for locals and visitors.

In the interior of the Temple you can see the ancient  baptistery and the first of the two  side chapels,  from when you can go to the “Coro Alto” and see a panoramic view of the Churh, including its  altarpiece and the  coffered ceiling. This Church is special for its  interesting imagery  of the baroque school of Granada  to which  painters and sculptors  as Alonso Cano, Pablo de Rojas, Pedro de Mena y José de Mora belonged.

A visit to the side  chapel   is an unimissable stop,  It contains some of the greatest expressions of baroque art and the  Catholic Counter-Reformation .  You must also visit  the Main Alter, the parish halls and the   Parish Archive -one of the  crown jewel of this village due to its historial value- and the  sacristies when images as “El Niño de la Bola ” and “La Virgen con el Niño” are found.




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