IV Quick Painting Contest has been announced by Güéjar Sierra

The quick painting contest will  take place  on Abril 22 in the Plaza Mayor and it will be  supply with  three different  awards.

Local Council has announced the VI Quick Paint Contest  which will be celebrated on Abril 22.  The competition  has been organized by  the council of culture in collaboration with  provincial government; it will take place from 10:00 to 17:00 and  whoever Spanish artists  or  foreigners with residence in Spain can be part of it.

The  aim of this activity is to  promote the artistic creation  as well as  to spread  the  excellent both natural  and cultural  patrimony  in the locality through  the  outdoor painting.   Therefore the main theme of the contest is Güéjar Sierra and  their environment :  landscapes, streets, squares, monuments or whatever element linked to the  city,  provided that it can  be  recognizabled in the painting.


Whoever  wish take part  in this Quick Paint Contest can  sign up either in  the council of culture, sports and parties or in the email culturayjuventud@guejarsierra.es . People can do that just before the contest, in Plaza Mayor from 9:00 to 10:00. Participants will have to  be supplied  with  a canvas  of 100×80 or 50×70  metres of surface.  In no case  already used canvas will be accepted.  Besides,  artists will have to   take a canvas to expose their paintings after contest.

The sealing and numering of the material will be carried out in Plaza Mayor from 9:00 to 10:00. Paintings will be created “in situ” and photographies  and digital issues won’t be admitted.

Participants will deliver their  work without a  signature from 17:00 to 17:30 in Plaza Mayor, where they will be exposed until,  at least, 19:00. At this time  the jury will launch their decision,  unappealable.  Paintings  presented out of time or with a signatura will be immediately excluded .

The jury will be  composed of councillor of culture, artistic people and representatives of sponsors.  There will be a first prize of 300 euros plus  trophy, second prize of 350 euros plus trophy and a third prize of 150 euros plus trophy. Prizes could be  declared  non-existent if the jury  consider that the minimun  artistic level  required  is not  enough.

The winning works  will  become part of public  cultural heritage of Güéjar Sierra and  local  government could use them for this  purpose,  saving  all rights of  publication and reproduction.


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