La Vereda de la Estrella is a route where visitors can enjoy a new vision of the National Park.

Running along the protected path landscapes in its full essence, you can walk on routes that served as inspiration to great travelers and poets. The running of the water and movement of the leaves, added to filling the air in your lungs with pure air emanates from the rocks.

Starting from the Barranco de San, we promise that this route will not leave you disappointed, as it will allow you to have before your eyes images of the colossal Sierra Nevada. From the viewpoint you can see the greatness of the chestnut fields, considered of the best of our Autonomous Community. Not only nature but also there is also some history present during this walk , travellers will be able to cross zones by which passengers once traveled in the tram that united Granada with Sierra Nevada and enjoy the twentieth century architecture of its stations. Some converted today into restaurants. Also during the trip the visitor will encounter the mines of the 19th century and a primitive forest that in autumn becomes a palette of colors in ocher, browns and shades of yellow that delights photographers.

La Vereda de la Estrella is a very popular route in Güéjar Sierra, with a low difficulty making it quite affordable for family or friends, as well as for those who are starting out in this sport. It is advisable to enjoy it especially in autumn for the beauty of the prints that are left the by the chesnut and walnut trees.