During spring, let us take you from Güéjar Sierra to one of the most unique and unusual places in the mountain, well known by Grenadians and those who love trekking.

A circular hiking route through the ancient Sierra Nevada glacier, that throughout the winter has gathered a lot of snow, and it is in spring when you truly see how speacial this place is, the wonders of nature that remained hidden in winter between the thickness of the snow now begin to run with rivers of pure and clear water, endemic plants that are born and appear to the nearby sun of the most beautiful time of the year. In the months of April And May, the particular nature and ecosystem of this National Park considered as the largest of the peninsula, allows us to walk between the furrows of the thaw and touch the snow without the thermal sensation of cold. A show for the eyes and all the senses in general, very close to our town, we will be happy to teach you all the possibilities of the beauty of our nature.


It is an opportunity that is not always available, since this is one of the first routes that is openly available to the public, and is one that has such high populaarity in the NATIONAL PARK OF SIERRA NEVADA. Discover with us the secrets of waterfalls, streams, lagoons and tunnels of snow that whisper in our ears. The secrets of the most beautiful meadows of the mountain. The Lavaderos de la Reina owes its name to Queen Fabiola of Belgium, who always visited this Spot in their visits to Sierra Nevada.