A new flower found in Güéjar Sierra

The   flower species “Succisa Pratensis”, also called “Devil bite”, have  both violet and blue  petals and it grows up to one meter tall.


The Autonomic Public Administration has  confirmed the presence of a new flower species, “Succisa Pratensis”,  also called “devil bite”, in the municipal borders of Güéjar Sierra (Granada) , inside of Natural Park of Sierra Nevada. This discovery   means  a new species to the  flora of this Natural Park.   “Junta de Andalucía” said  in a  press statement that this  taxon hadn’t been  detected  in Andalusia until now, though a  uncertain flower exists in Jaén.

After the  discovery by a monuntain guide,  Junta de Andalucía has assessed the population and has collected a few seeds  to be included in the   Andalusie Vegetable Bermplasm Bank  as well as the collections of the  Hoya de Pedraza botanical garden.  The outcome of the assessment  give more than 500 individuals, concentrated in a single stock.

This new species  belongs to “dipsacáceas” family. Its stem can grow up to 100 centimeters tall  and the majority of its leaves are in the  basal zone. It could be easy to identify for its violet and blue petals.



To more information, please click this link:     http://www.20minutos.es/noticia/3227660/0/confirmada-existencia-nueva-especie-floral-espacio-natural-sierra-nevada/#xtor=AD-15&xts=467263

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