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Gastronomic route + visit inside the village

At Güéjar Sierra we offer you a the opportunity to taste our local cuisine accompanied by a variety of modern dishes in one of our many local dishes. Enjoy our well known choto al ajillo, spoon dishes and modern and elaborate dishes that will cleanse the palate of the most demanding consumer. We are proud of our cuisine and our charming restaurants because of its location and decor. Friendly and caring treatment make the visitor feel like one of the locals.

Also, complete the visit with a walk through our streets, a walk through the history of Güéjar Sierra, an Arab and Christian history that will be explained by a local guide passionate about his town and that will make visitors see the historical parallels between the capital and the village of Güéjar Sierra. A town that grew with its Arab occupation in three neighborhoods and continued with its Christianity and today still has its essence in the dishes of Arab-Andalusian tradition that you can enjoy in some of its restaurants.

Get close to Güéjar Sierra

Get close to Güéjar Sierra

One way to know our tradition is to peer into our kitchens and our people. We encourage you to visit the village and our kitchen accompanied by us with a smile.



We accompany you to the best places where you can taste dishes such as choto al ajillo, roasted meats, porridge, etc. You can accompany these dishes with the best wine, like the Stone wine. Find out more in Güéjar.

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