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Historic route of Güéjar Sierra, breakfast and lunch included

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Route through the village.

Accompanied by a guide, you can not miss the chance to visit a charming town such as the town of Güéjar Sierra.

Our town of white streets is divided into three neighborhoods with history. Christian and Muslim occupants over the years have shaped and formed the town into what it is today. Both influencing the architecture and the gastronomy available.

Entering the village, getting to know it and enjoying it. Seeing and talking with the people of Güéjar Sierra is a unique experience.

The visit will be made through a breakfast break, we will have a historical and cultural visit through the streets of our town and have lunch in one of the excellent restaurants in the village, where we will try the most typical dishes of our town, such as the choto al ajillo.


Visit the Güéjar Cristiana

Visit the Güéjar Cristiana

Visit the Güéjar Musulmana

Visit the Güéjar Musulmana

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