Sierra Nevada snowfall route

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Guided visit to the panning site of the Queen: Defrost  Sierra Nevada.

Make a journey through the mountain in one of the most recognized areas of the Sierra Nevada, the area known as the Queen of Sierra Nevada is a place of the wildest and offers a variety of nature of the Natural Park, it is a Circular glacier that has been born from the erosion of the ice, and from there is born the well-known river Maitena that runs next to our town.

This wonder of nature is sheltered between green meadows and beautiful waterfalls falling between tunnels of snow, by which we can find vegetal and animal wealth, an environmental wonder that allows the visitor to appreciate the landscape surrounding them. Make a circular route starting from the same point and returning to it, the visitor will observe with his own eyes this glacier, as the water runs down the mountain, creating impressive waterfalls and how the native nature and the animals flock in search for the wealth of water where the same visitor can refresh themselves along the way.

Deshielo de Sierra Nevada

Deshielo de Sierra Nevada

Visita la zona de Sierra Nevada donde existen más de un centenar de especies de flora y fauna endémicas diferentes, un ecosistema único al alcance del visitante.

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