The success of the I Stew and Spoon Dish Days

Restaurants have   served more than  one thousand of hot meals in the Stew and Spoon Dish  Days in which filled hotels  at weekend.

Güéjar Sierra has successfully celebrated its I Stew Days  , organised by the  municipal council along with   Business Association “Vereda de la Estrella”.  The aim of this event,  first celebrated,  was to  enhance the value of traditional gastronomy as touristic promotion element both in Granada and out it.

Local restaurants have   had a few but intense fruitful days serving more than one thousand stew meals,  cooked  in the old way,  simmered  and cooked with local ingredients.  Dinners have been able to enjoy some of the hot typical stews  such as  stews, been and pork stews, soups, mushes and casserole.

Tourism councilwoman, Elisabeth García,   has expressed her satisfaction  with the success of this first edition because these days  “have become the most accepted gastronomic event  in the locality   together with   Peak Festival”.  During the week the  average occupancy rate of hotels has been around 50% but from Friday to Sunday this date has  doubled  in relation to a normal week.

Not only  the entrepeneurs are satisfied  with this Days, also  dinners are. They have recognised  the success,  mainly for the popular prices since for only 5 euros, people have been able to enjoy several stews only served in Güéjar Sierra.

From the touristic point of view, this Days have  given a very important support just at the beginning  of winter season when the amount of visitors increases considerably.

Jornadas guiso y cuchara

Jornadas guiso y cuchara

Both,  municipal council and entrepeneurs,  give a positive report of this   common initiative and they have decided “to declare  every  Friday  of winter as Spoon Dish  Day to offer dinners the oportunity to steadly enjoy   with unique plates”, has said Miguel Quirós,  president of Entrepeneur Association.


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