Passion, nature and cuisine in Easter

Güéjar Sierra is bursting with happiness in Easter, one of the most special date of the year in which many tourists make the most of  their free time to know the locality.

Everything is ready  to celebrate Easter 2017 in Güéjar Sierra. Taking advantage of the main religious traditional events, many visitors  usually  go to Güéjar Sierra to combine their cultural visits  with the called “green” tourism.

In one hand, for those who want to take part in religious events, the procession of the Nazarene is celebrated on Holy Thursday  going over streets of the locality  at night.  Few hours   later the proccesion of  Holy Sepulchre and The  Loneliness are  marked to commemorate the Jesus Christ’s death. The  Easter Sunday and the biblic recreation “Act of the  lost  and found child in the Temple”  mark the end of the  Easter in Güéjar Sierra.

On the other  hand , for those who choose  active tourism, Güéjar Sierra is the beginning of a great variety of routes of middle and high mountain which offer their best imagen these days of the melting time.  Going  accompanied  by a  local guides is   recommended  since they know the most impresive and secure places in Sierra Nevada to  make this visit an unforgettable  experience.

In Güéjar Sierra  Easter  is  lived with passion but especially with  taste. Bars and Restaurants show  an  spectacular  air these days, with a wide  culinary offer in which  dinner guests  will  savor local goods of high quality. Visitor should not  miss the oportunity of  tasting  cold meat and traditional  sweets.

And to relax after an intense  and touristic day,  locality has a wide net of  catering establishments that count on  customized  and  quality atention, specialized in familiar  and friendly tourism so  characteristic in this days.


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