Tourism has increased in Güéjar Sierra during Andalucia’s Day

The proximity to Sierra Nevada and the growth of specialised companies are the key to increment tourism. Cuisine and the high quality of food are the strengths of the locality.


Güéjar Sierra is having one of the best year from the point of view of tourism.  All the hotels and rural accomodations were full this weekeng and this fact had a very good inlfuence in the whole   business area.

In this sense, visitors  choosing  rural tourism are increasing. The high quality of  service  and also the  products offered in local  shops   can be  emphasized .

The nearness  of  Sierra Nevada ski resort  is a key factor  for these good dates;  a big number of skiers choose  tranquility and hospitality of this  city to relax after a sport day.

However, last years  sports and natural tourism have   turned into  the most  touristic attraction of the locality. It is proved by the  proliferation of  specialised companies in this type of touristic supply  to which the  gastronomic tourism has  joined.



Entrepeneurs is celebrating  these good  hotel occupancy rates that   have a very good effect in the rest of local shops.  “Visitors not only  spend the night  or have lunch in our hotels and restaurants but  they also buy in our  shops”. The President of  the Local Association of Entrepeneurs , Miguel Quirós, has  emphasized “the importance of  continuing working to keep the quality and reinforce our  business fabric which is essential   for the economic development in the city”.

In this sense,  Tourism Councillor, Elisabeth García, has remembered the importance of the institutional and business colaboration. “This relation is  fundamental to the consolidation of  tourism”, she has said.  Result of this joint  effort  is the  creation of a new touristic web portal  for Güéjar Sierra. It is  hosted in  and it is enabled  both in Spanish and English.

Güéjar Sierra has more than 500  hotel beds. Tourists are  increasingly more  exclusive .  This weekend the foreign travelers ,  principally English have rose, although there has been Andalucian tourists too.

These good hotel occupancy rates and the  rise of  small companies  are   positive to the  Touristic Brand of Güéjar Sierra.  Promotion can be  increased  by events like  Cycling Tour of Spain which  will come back to the locality this year; it means an unique  oportunity to  spread  our image to the whole Spanish geography.


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