Upper district Festival

A great charity sardine in favor of Jorge Abarca, ELA patient, will be celebrated in the Upper District Festival  


The Upper District is  finishing  the preparations  to  celebrate  its Festivity 2017.  From  13th to 17th september,  neightoburs will be able to enjoy the  extense program of activities, preserving the most traditional and adding some  news.

The main novelty is that the traditional sardine will be this year charitable so that  funds  collected  will be  allocated  to  the investigation  to the ELA (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) throught the athlete and ambassador in Granada of Andalucian Association against ELA, Jorge Abarca.  You are invited to visit his webpage   (http://www.retoelajorge.es/)  to know his great work with the studies about this  disease.

Both horse and bicycle races are included in the program  along with  greasy pole afternoon.   Dance and musica will have a great  time in this festivity including  flamenco   bonfires,  the performance of the  music band Arena Music and the Great  Flamenco Soiree and  Belly Dancing.

The election of the  Quenn and Maid of Honor along with the prizes  to  horse expert and  needlewoman are completing the Festival Program  to which both locals and visitors are all invited.

Fiestas barrio alto

Fiestas barrio alto

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